"The best sourdough Edinburgh has to offer"

Joanna Blythman, The Herald

we recognise the vital role bread has in facilitating conviviality and comfort.

from the family breakfast fuelled by rounds of toast, to the appearance of a warm loaf heralding the beginning of a meal. 


We place an emphasis on simplicity, great quality and great service. we focus on the best quality ingredients, coupled with traditional, artisan processing methods.


We BAKE and deliver 7 days a week, and we've never missed a day since we opened. We pride ourselves on reliability and customer service. For more information, click on one of the buttons ABOVE



Running a sustainable bakery is a top priority for us. To keep our food miles down we carefully source the majority of our grain  from  East Lothian and use a bare minimum of packaging, but our sustainability goals were being hindered by our ancient equipment. Like many start ups, we set the bakery up with second hand, unreliable and inefficient equipment. With generous support from the European Regional Development Fund and Zero Waste Scotland totalling £24,071 we have been able to invest in new, more efficient equipment. The results have been spectacular - the bread is much more consistent so food waste from wonky or burnt loaves has reduced dramatically and our energy usage is significantly lower, which are great steps towards a running a greener business. The bakers are extremely happy and your bread is looking at its best yet. 


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