If you're interested in taking our bread for your cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel, deli or for an event, party or pop up please drop us a line at:


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What We Do

Company Bakery make real bread for some of the best businesses in Edinburgh.


Our signature loaf is a handmade, traditionally processed sourdough. It has a wonderful flavour, satisfying texture and is easily digested making it a perfect all round bread. We use flour from Mungoswells and mill a portion of our own grain daily - this gives us access to grains the big commercial mills aren’t working with so our flour blend is completely unique and very fresh. Our 3 year old sourdough starter was made using grapes from Ben’s mums conservatory in Pilrig - we like to keep things as local as possible! The starter is a live yeast culture used to naturally leaven the bread. This process takes three days in total, giving the bread plenty of time to develop flavour as well as increase digestibility and bioavailability of nutrients. Many environmental factors affect the way the starter behaves which means no two loaves ever come out quite the same - if you can marvel at the beauty of this amazing process then we would love to work with you!


In addition to sourdough we can provide baguettes, ciabatta, white and granary loaves and a dense seeded rye bread as well as retail bags of our house milled flour. All our breads are preservative and additive free. We deliver daily across Edinburgh and are happy to work from a standing order or do one off orders for events. We are currently supplying lots of lovely cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, if you would like to try our bread we would be delighted to discuss your needs.

If you are interested in working with us we are always happy to hear from you, send us an email with a bit of information about yourself to enquiries@companybakery.com


Running a gentle, low impact bakery is a top priority for us. To keep our food miles down we carefully source ingredients from as locally as possible with the majority of our grain coming from down the road in East Lothian and use a bare minimum of packaging, but our sustainability goals were being hindered by our ancient equipment. Like many start ups, we set the bakery up with the equipment we could afford - second hand, unreliable and inefficient. With generous support from the European Regional Development Fund and Zero Waste Scotland totalling £24,071 we have been able to invest in new, more efficient equipment. The results have been spectacular - the bread is much more consistent so food waste from wonky or burnt loaves has reduced dramatically and our energy usage is significantly lower, which are great steps towards a running a greener business. The bakers are extremely happy and your bread is looking at its best yet. 

"COMPANY" |  the fact or condition of being with another or others, especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment
from "compaignon" |  one who breaks bread with another

Company Bakery is a collaboration between 5 passionate individuals brought together by the common desire to make and share the best bread possible.


We are Amy, Duncan, Ben, Sashana and Hollie. Between us we run Smith & Gertrude, Edinburgh Food Studio and lovecrumbs, 3 places where people to get together to share good food, good drinks and good times. We all recognise the quiet, vital role great bread has in facilitating conviviality – from the morning meetings fuelled by rounds of toast to the appearance of a warm loaf heralding the beginning of a feast – so we thought it would be a great idea to make our own. The concept for Company Bakery was hammered out in Smith & Gertrude’s cellar - with each of us placing an emphasis on simplicity, great quality and great service. We decided to focus on working with one great recipe initially, to use the best ingredients possible, traditional, artisan processing methods and allow our experience as customers to inform the service we provide.


We set up our kitchen in a beautiful light filled space at The Biscuit Factory, joining a vibrant, creative community of makers, artists and designers. The old Crawfords Biscuit factory is situated in Bonnington, a historical mill village in the north of Edinburgh – a pretty ideal spot to start milling our own flour and getting serious about sourdough. If great bread is something you take seriously too, then you’re in good company.